An Introduction to English Morphology is mainly taken from Bickford, J. Albert. 1998. Tools for Analyzing the World’s Languages Morphology and Syntax. Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc. and it is compiled from some sources. It is intended to provide students with a morpheme, basic coverage of most of the topics dealt with in courses described as either ‘Morphology’ or ‘ The study of the smallest significant units of language which have meaning ’. Some of the materials of this book in each chapter is designed to encourage further  practice or discussion.

An Introduction to English Morphology provides basic information about the analysis and description of languages and about the ways in which human beings use their languages to communicate with one another. That is what An Introduction to English Morphology  about, and how it should be defined.

An Introduction to English Morphology is intended to serve as an introduction to linguistics to more advanced and more specialized material for those students who wish to continue the study of linguistics. It also provides a basic foundation in concepts and terminology for those students—particularly in education and the various service professions—who do not plan to be linguists but who feel that the ability to read linguistic literature related to their own field of expertise would be a useful skill. Finally, An Introduction to English Morphology is written for those who have no specific professional goals, but who are simply interested in the subject.